Have you always dreamt of fl ying? We’ll be glad to make this dream a reality for you. You fl y silently through the air with a professional paraglider. Enjoy the freedom and tranquillity. The unrivalled view over the Saanenland is guaranteed.

First steps flight

We will be happy to introduce you to the fascination of paragliding under the guidance of the fl ying instructor. After just a few infl ation exercises with the paraglider, you will be able to fl y your fi rst few metres yourself. Following a training unit, you take our
professional paraglider pilots with you on to the mountain and experience your first altitude fl ight. You’re sure to remember this day for a long time to come.


Meetingpoint: Saanenland region, Glacier 3000 or on request
Duration: depending on the flight booked
first steps flight 1/2 day
Equipment: Jacket, good footwear


Price/person: on request
First steps flight: on request