Winter activities

SNOWSHOES WALKING Once the snowshoes are laced up, the team is off across untouched snowfields, through snow-covered birch woods and past frozen waterfalls. Our outdoor guides know the region well and show you its most beautiful places, wehere you can relax in the peace of nature.

HELISKIING & FREERIDING In just a matter of minutes, the helicopter drops us in the middle of nowhere. Breathtaking descents in the mountains set the pulse racing. The Alpine panorama and the powder or corn snow will enchant you as you descend into the valley. An unforgettable activity that you are certain to talk about […]

GLACIER ADVENTURE GLACIER ADVENTURE Experience winter in spring, summer and fall. Your group will pay a visit to the permanent snow in a special airplane or helicopter. Discover the glacier together and encounter the thousand-year-old history of the ice by daring to enter a crevasse. This activity also lets you enjoy a unique view of […]

ICE CLIMBING Ice climbing on frozen waterfalls is much more than a complement to sport climbing on rock. The highaltitude gymnastics on the sparkling ice cascades and pillars, while hanging only from the prongs of ice axes and crampons, is an alpine adventure in itself. It also provides training for steep ice expeditions.