Team Challenge


Our Olympic Games call not only for sporting ability but also for teamwork, communication, discipline – and an element of luck. From milking a cow and building a mini tipi to blowing the Alpine horn and horn sledding, our disciplines weld the teams together and guarantee a couple of hours of playful fun.

Shooting contest:

Divided into several teams, participants try to complete the shooting contest as well and accurately as possible. The various disciplines, such as shooting with bow and arrow, crossbow, air rifl e and blowpipe, are completed in a circuit.


The group is provided with the bare shell of a giant igloo and given the task of designing the interior according to a specifi ed theme or instructions. We will provide certain basic specifi cations, but the design ideas come primarily from the group, so that
the overall picture – and the resultant work of art – is created by the group. In the evening our catering service will provide the
participants with a fi ne evening meal (such as a fondue), which is particularly delicious when enjoyed inside the igloo they have just designed.

WATER Olympics:

You are divided into different teams to compete for points. During our Water Olympics, the motto is: getting wet is funnier than staying dry. You can enjoy the various outlandish disciplines, such as an agility course, canoe boarding, canoe pulling, raft building, stand UP board (SUP), or a treasure hunt around the lake. There are many self-made or self-infl ated fl oating devices available for you to use in the treasure hunt. For non-swimmers or people who don’t like cold water, we guarantee great fun on land with various additional activities.



Equipped with a road booklet and a map of the surrounding area, teams try to fi nd the various objects in and around the village (or town) and its near surroundings within the specifi ed time limit. The tasks specifi ed must be completed by the team as a whole. They can be completed in any order. Distances and levels of diffi culty are variable and can be adapted to suit specifi c needs and wishes. It is also possible e.g. to use bicycles to cover the distance between the tasks.



Our Creative Team Event calls for team spirit and inven tiveness, together with plenty of creativity from the group members.
Nature provides all the construction materials we could possibly need, no matter whether the event is in the snowy Alpine environment or in a forest. Each team sets to work using the materials available. Whether it be a particular theme or just fantasy
sculpting, we will be intrigued to see what your team creates. Once the creative work is completed, the team photographs its sculpture, and at the end of the event a jury will award the best image.



Once the materials have been gathered, it’s time to start building a «seaworthy vessel»! Here, good organization and cooperation are crucial, while imagination and a spot of craftsmanship do not go amiss, either. After an aperitif, you can test the raft on the lake. A regatta is held, in which the most original and buoyant of the rafts is declared the winner.



A team exercise par excellence! The team faces great challenges when negotiating the canyon. Communication, organisation and good planning are the keys to success. The team is rewarded with the spectacular crossing of the canyon via a bridge they make themselves.



Here the group works together to build a fl oating raft out of barrels, timber and rope. The reward for this effort is a romantic river trip or lake crossing on the raft. If desired, our guide can serve the sailors a small aperitif while on board.



The Alpine Trophy takes place on the Hornberg, which offers a stunning view over the surrounding Saanenland. Divided into several groups, participants must fulfi ll various tasks such as climbing, abseiling, Tyrolean zip wires, and disciplines such as crossbow shooting, overcoming the spider’s web, avalanche searching exercises, etc. around the summit.



Have you ever wondered how fire fighters are trained? We offer you a unique opportunity to attend just such a course in fire prevention and fire fighting in Zweisimmen with your team. You will be supervised by highly trained fire fighters. You will be dressed in full fire protection equipment so that you can put out small fires caused by deep fat fryers, television fires or frying pans yourself. Those who like it hot can get used to fire and heat in the fire house. The heat in the house can be coped with much better using just a few little tricks. Let us surprise you. We guarantee you a hot and unforgettable day.



We are glad to reveal the secrets of cheese manufacture to you. In a traditional and romantic environment in the Alps, you will produce your own cheese over an open fi re. At the same time, you can enjoy the fresh mountain air. If you like, we can store your cheese and send you the wheel after around one year. Or visit the cheese cathedral in Gstaad: a monument to cheese! More than 3,000 cheese wheels – including some historic rarities – have been majestically placed and elegantly illuminated by the dairy over numerous fl oors in the Gstaad cheese grotto. Descend into the former water reservoir and discover interesting
facts about Berner Hobelkäse AOC and its origins. You are then cordially invited to take part in a tasting of various types of cheese, from mild to sharp, young to mature.

Team GAmes:

You will be split up into several teams (the group size depends on the number of participants) and have to complete different obstacles in our course. Completing each challenge requires in turn coordination, organisation, team spirit, creativity or even a bit of luck. However, the main point of the games is to play and have fun as a group.



Place: on request
Duration: 2 hours – 1 day


Per person: on request