The ‘Alpinzentrum Gstaad’ with its subsidiaries ‘Swiss Adventures GmbH’ and ‘Alpinzentrum Gstaad Snowsports GmbH’ is considered to be a specialist in outdoor activities throughout Switzerland. 

The company, which started off as a mountain climbing school, was founded in 1996 and is one of the three biggest providers of outdoor activities in Switzerland. The ‘Alpinzentrum Gstaad’ was awarded the label ‘Safety in adventures’ in June 2001 as a pilot company in the canton of Bern. Since March 2002, the company has also been certified in line with ISO 9001:2000. 

The guests of the ‘Alpinzentrum Gstaad’ can experience nature at close hand all year round: water, cliffs and snow. In addition to the offers for single occupancy guests, there are also activities for group excursions or incentive guests on the programme. What’s more, the offer is not limited to just the activity itself. Before, after or during the sporting events, the ‘Alpinzentrum Gstaad’ will organise the catering in cooperation with local hotels. Whether you feel like having breakfast on the glacier or a meeting of members on a raft, the ‘Alpinzentrum Gstaad’ will fulfill your leisure time wishes.

Alpinzentrum Gstaad


Minimise the risk is our first priority

We carry responsibility for our guests and employees. Our Safety and Quality concepts are continually developed and quickly updated as we gather new knowledge.


We give each guest the opportunity to take one step away from their usual path, challenge themselves, and expand their horizons. Through our knowledge and enthusiasm for our work and nature, we show them the unique and beautiful Alps where they can experience the fascination of mountains, water and snow. We are happy for each person who can experience this fascination regardless of where and with whom they experience it.


We ensure the economic stability of the company and its employees by controlling our expenses and working cost effectively. We appreciate the work and products of our service providers and pay for them with respect.


Our exemplary and unified presence reflects our uniqueness. Through continual training and constant improvement of our company structure we achieve a position of the highest quality in our industry. 


We ensure that our base, office, equipment and transportation facilities provide a comfortable atmosphere and safe environment for our customers and employees.


We operate in an environmentally friendly manner to preserve and protect our natural resources for future generations. It is our goal that each guest who joins us leaves with a greater respect and appreciation for the value of nature.


We are certified in ISO 9001/2000 and Safety in Adventures.


The legal form of the ‘Alpinzentrum Gstaad AG’ is a limited company. The ‘Alpinzentrum Gstaad’ was founded in 1996. Depending on the season, up to 100 people are employed.

Association memberships:
- Verband Schweizer Bergsportschulen (Association of Swiss Mountain Schools)
- Swiss Outdoor Association
- Swiss Snowsports

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